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Warm Hearts…Warm Bellies

Please help those who need our help!
As the Christmas season approaches and the weather is turning colder, most of us are planning get together with friends and family, festive dinners, gifts and celebrations. Most of us take these things for granted and forget about the many people that are living on the streets of our city, homeless, cold and alone. For them there will be no Christmas turkey, no gifts under a tree or fire place to hang stockings on.

We have made a commitment to try to help as many of these unfortunate souls as possible by providing hot soup to warm their bellies, mitts, hats and socks to help prevent frost bite and survive the cold winter nights.
We are calling this venture “Warm Hearts…Warm Bellies”

We will be making three scheduled stops at varies locations throughout the city. With the help of Mission Services to get the word out to the people that will benefit the most.
We would like to extend the opportunity for you to be a part of this endeavor. Respectfully, we ask that you donate whatever you can towards ensuring the success of this undertaking. Your name will be recorded and acknowledged as participating towards the successful outcome and we hope to find a charitable donation licensee to offer receipts for your generous gift.
Below is a list of items that would be gratefully accepted for your consideration. Please contact Craig Abel at 226-448-0284 or to make further arrangements or questions.
Required Items:
Cash donations
Heavy Wool socks
Gift Cards for food venues such as McDonalds, Tim Hortons, Subway etc…
Take Out coffee cup/lids
Fruit cups/Granola Bars

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