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Sewer Repair in South Western Ontario

Liner guys Inc was created to service Southwestern Ontario in the area of Lateral sewer relining using the latest and greatest No Dig technology from LMK perm liner out of Chicago. The company was created by Steve Stefanidis to provide lateral re-lining services to an under serviced market. Family, friends and health are important in life. Running and owning our own business will give us more opportunity to be with our families more often. Building a business that our children can run some day is important to us. We hope to create more jobs in the community and provide job security for other families.

Business Vision

We are committed to providing a permanent no dig, ecofriendly solution to our customer sanitary sewer infrastructures. With over 65% of current homes are over 20 to 30 years old and may soon need to address the corrosion in there sanitary sewer systems. Our vision is to service those homes from the GTA to Windsor and every city in-between.

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