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The Process

From the first time on site we offer a fast and friendly service to you.

Starting with a Free no obligation camera inspection.


We will inspect you sewer line with our video inspection equipment to assess the situation. We offer this service to you free of charge.

Depending on the issues we find after the free camera inspection:

A. We can eel your sewer line to clear it of any clogs or roots.

B. You may choose to do nothing, as the service inspection is free of charge.

C. If a relining is needed, we can quote you the cost to rebuild your sanitary sewer line using our patented No Dig solution.

The process for our lateral lining replacement systems is as follows.


The process Liner Guys Inc. practices includes the use of a camera port which allows a lateral push camera to be inserted inside the translucent bladder, providing visual inspection verification of the liner placement prior to curing process.

The liner is cured at ambient temperatures or we also offer an accelerated process that cures faster with the use of steam. The liner is installed where the inflation pressure is never compromised throughout the curing process. When cured, the bladder is re-inverted and removed from the pipe and all that’s left in place is a brand new sewer pipe. There is no cutting required in the liner because we start the liner below the test tee and past the side connections. Further, the liner is open at the main location so there is no cutting at the upstream end or the downstream end.

The application is presented from an outside or interior cleanout any time of year. The liner and bladder are assembled in our mobile onsite trailer, resin saturation is performed and the liner is inverted in-place.

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