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Sewer Camera Inspection

No Hassle, No sales tactics Just an in depth Camera Inspection For London Residents

We offer a no obligation camera inspection service to our local home owners in London Ontario to allow the customer to see the condition and shape of their sanitary sewer line. This service is completely without hassle and no one will try to sell you anything. Simply call us or book your inspection on line. We will come out and show you what we see right on the spot. You don’t need to take our word for it, we will show you the video as we inspect the line right there and then.

We use a patented new NO Dig technology that is Eco friendly as it does not damage you’re landscaping or property. Liner Guys Inc. NO dig solution means the problem can be fixed in a few hours not days. Sanitary sewers are up and running by the end of the day, business as usual. Previously, lateral linings were inserted from an excavation near the property line or near the house foundation. Excavation pits are messy and represent higher cost, restoration costs, more risk and take more time to repair the defective lateral pipe. The patented method NO Dig method provided by Liner Guys Inc. for lining through a clean out with no cutting required eliminates the need for an excavation pit, reduces cost and additional lateral sewer lines can be renewed in a day. The customer is happier because their property is not torn apart and their sewer line has been renewed in just a few hours.


Liner Guys Inc. uses a system that allows for installation all year round and from one access point, typically from an outside cleanout or an inside cleanout that is normally located in the basement. Our professional installers can determine the placement of the lining by where they position the liner within the bladder.

We also will discount the fee for the cleaning and eeling service of your plugged sewer line from your purchase of a new NO Dig CIPP system. It’s that simple!

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