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Lateral Sewer Line Cleaning

Lateral Sewer Line Cleaning


If your sanitary sewer line is blocked, clogged or backing up, Liner Guys Inc. will provide you with a free camera inspection to assess the problem if you are a local London resident. If you require an eel service to clear the obstruction, Liner Guys Inc. uses the best commercial grade equipment and a very reasonable price that also includes a camera inspection. After. Our sanitary sewer line cleaning eel is a Ridged K-1500 Sectional Machine that can clean any 3″ to 8″ (50-200mm) sanitary sewer line. Liner Guys Inc. has the equipment ready and able to provide this service at the time of your free camera inspection if requested.

Liner Guys Inc. offers this service all year round. One service rep can easily clean the heaviest blockages using an existing indoor cleanout or an exterior cleanout.

High-speed cleaning gets the job done faster…better. All our equipment is CSA approved and approved to UL standards (NRTLC).

Request a Lateral Sewer Line Cleaning.

We will receive your request and contact you usually the same business day. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for us to contact you. We look forward to cleaning your drain.

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