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Man Hole Protection Ring Fact Sheet


H2 Technical Rescue Equipment designed the MPR to assist personnel who are required to work in and out of manholes:

  • Municipal Water and Sewer Employees
  • Private Industry
  • Technical Rescue Specialists

The MPR provides a range of benefits to individuals working in manhole openings ranging from 20-32″ in diameter.


Equipment Protection

Ropes, air lines, vactor hoses, and communication lines slide in and out of the manhole openings with ease. The lines no longer make contact with the sharp edges of a manhole resulting in extended product use and savings on equipment.

Ease & Speed of Use

The efficient design of the MPR is easy to insert and extract from the manhole. It allows individuals working in manholes to begin working immediately with little incremental set-up time.

Personnel Protection

Individuals being lowered and raised out of manhole openings are protected from the sharp edges of the manhole that can result in lacerations and bruising.


The MPR is made in the USA from high-quality ABS plastic and is designed to withstand the rigors of daily use.


One $299
Two $559
Three $777
Four $999
Five or more Contact Steve Stefanidis

MPR Sizes

MPR 75 20-24″
MPR 100 22-30″
MPR 50/50 Hinged model for MPR 75 and 100 Four $999

To learn more product information or to purchase an MPR for your organization, please contact Steve at 519-476-3402 or

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