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The Performance Liner Lateral System is a unique cured in-place process that allows the installer the freedom to position the liner anywhere in the pipe by inverting through a clean out. The liner can be directed either upstream or downstream installed by Liner Guys Inc using LMK’s patented guide shoe. In addition, this versatile system is capable of being installed in pipes under foundations, inside walls, or in vertical applications. Liner Guys Inc Sewer Lateral system is truly a no dig situation for renewing lateral sewer pipes since the entire process can be completed through a single clean out. Liner Guys Inc. lateral liners also include compressible material at the upstream end of the liner, producing a smooth tapered transition to the old sewer pipe. This process renews laterals from 4 to 8 inches in diameter in continuous lengths up to 130 feet. Inversion tanks come in two sizes (36 inch or 18 inch) and are equipped with a camera port so the sewer liner can be visually inspected under pressure for proper placement prior to the liner being cured.
Liner Guys also offer camera inspections, locate services, jetting services as well as sewer line cleaning. Has the line collapsed? No problem we also offer excavating services for those whose line has collapsed due to root intrusions.
As always we recommend that you call to locate any and all service before eeling or digging. G-Tel or your local locating service is a must call before any action is taken to repair your lateral service.

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